Hello, and thank you for visiting beautiful Buntingford! Since you’re here or planning to be, let’s talk about some of the many great things to do in the area so you can get the most out of your stay!
Benson Memorial Church
Named for priest and author Robert Hugh Benson, this English Roman Catholic Church built in Gothic style is a top Buntingford attraction and a local landmark. Benson died before construction was complete, but he helped fund it and laid the foundation stone.
Church Farm
At this site, just 3.5 miles from town, there are more than 300 farm animals children can visit and learn about. There’s also an 8-acre orchard, more than 70 acres of woods to explore, and two ponds. Children can also enjoy tractor rides, a farm trail, and a sand pit. There’s even a shop where you can purchase locally produced meats and vegetables.
Cromer Windmill
On Saturday, 14th May, this historic windmill reopens to the public. Dating back to 1681, the windmill was rebuilt after blowing over around 1860 and saw regular operation into the 1920s. After that, wind power was no longer economical, and the windmill fell into disrepair. By 1964, concerned locals pushed for preservation and restoration. In recent years, the Hertfordshire Building Preservation Trust took over the project, and now the mill is almost ready for public visitation again.
Royston Cave
7 miles away, this cave is like no other in Europe and is a centuries-old mystery. Shaped like a beehive with a small opening at the top for ventilation, Royston Cave, which dates back to the 13th Century, is a man-made feature with extensive wall carvings about.
No one knows for sure who made the carvings or what they signify, but theories abound: the Knights Templar, King James I, a spiritual centre, a hermitage, a prison. Visit this marvel in person to learn more about the prevailing theories or to develop one of your own!
Treasure Trail
Treasure Trails makes exploring fun, and they offer a detective mystery trail for Buntingford. It’s a 1-mile loop trail that takes about 1.5 hours to complete, though you can go at any pave you like, and it’s suitable for ages 6 and up. As you investigate the mystery, you’ll learn more about Buntingford. Even better, there’s a chance to win some real treasure!
Ward Freman Pool
This Buntingford site actually has two functions: it has a 25m swimming pool and a solarium. Swimming lessons for all ages and ability levels are available, and there are also outdoor pitches and courts for football and tennis. This facility is a year-round favourite!
Yew Tree Alpacas
From its humble 2009 origins of just 4 female alpacas, Yew Tree Alpacas has grown into a thriving rural business. Now, the business focuses on alpacas breeding, retailing alpaca products, and inviting guests for alpaca walking. The season for alpaca walking runs from April to mid-September, and you’ll need advance reservations for this unusual and unforgettable experience.
The Falcon
With all there is to do in and around Buntingford, you’re surely going to work up an appetite and get each day off to a nutritious start. For great dining with a great selection, there’s no better option for that than The Falcon. We have both a restaurant and delicatessen serving classic British fare with an emphasis on seasonality and featuring fresh produce from local farmers and suppliers. With hours and a menu covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all times in between, you’re sure to find food and flavour you’ll love. Check us out!
There’s plenty to do in Buntingford for fun, rest, play, and learning about the rich history. Enjoy your visit and come back again!