Nestled in the heart of Buntingford, The Falcon Restaurant takes pride in serving a quintessential British dining experience. Among our cherished offerings is the timeless classic, the English Sunday Roast. Let’s embark on a journey through the rich history of this beloved tradition, culminating in the warm, family atmosphere of The Falcon Restaurant.

The Roots of Sunday Roast
The tradition of the Sunday roast dates back to medieval England when large cuts of meat, such as beef or lamb, were roasted on an open fire. However, it wasn’t until the 18th century that the meal became synonymous with Sundays. As industrialization took hold, Sunday became a day of rest for the working class, providing an opportunity for families to gather and share a hearty, leisurely meal.

Key Elements of the Sunday Roast
The centerpiece of this meal is a succulent joint of meat, often accompanied by roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, seasonal vegetables, and lashings of rich gravy. Each component contributes to the harmonious blend of flavors that make the Sunday roast a cherished culinary tradition.

The Falcon Restaurant’s Sunday Roast Tradition
In the heart of Buntingford, The Falcon Restaurant stands as a beacon of tradition, offering a delectable Sunday roast that pays homage to its historical roots.

What Sets Our Sunday Roast Apart
At Falcon Restaurant, we take pride in sourcing the finest local ingredients to craft our Sunday roast. Our chefs skillfully roast the meat to perfection, creating a dish that embodies the essence of traditional English flavors. The warm and inviting ambiance of our restaurant serves as the perfect backdrop for families and friends to come together and enjoy this time-honored feast.

The English Sunday roast, steeped in history and tradition, remains a culinary cornerstone in British culture. At Falcon Restaurant in Buntingford, we invite you to partake in this timeless ritual and savor the flavors of a carefully crafted Sunday roast, served with love and dedication!