Falcon Restaurant’s Open-Air Experience

As you wander through the charming streets of Buntingford, a quintessential English market town, you might find yourself enticed by the allure of al fresco dining at The Falcon restaurant. This establishment is not just a place to sate your hunger; it’s a venue where you can immerse yourself in the delight of outdoor dining, experiencing the gentle hum of the High Street as you enjoy a meal under the open sky.

Nestled within historical walls that date back to the 16th century, The Falcon offers a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary cuisine. You’ll find yourself savouring every bite of their British fare, which caters to a variety of tastes, including vegetarian and vegan options. The restaurant prides itself on sourcing local ingredients, ensuring each dish that’s served on your table echoes the ethos of freshness and quality.

Whether you’re looking to bask in the sunshine for lunch or enjoy the evening ambience, The Falcon’s al fresco dining is a must-try.

The gentle breeze coupled with the warm hospitality makes for a truly enjoyable dining experience.

So, take a seat, order your favourite dish and perhaps a cocktail to complement it, and relish the moments at this culinary gem in the heart of Buntingford.

Exploring Al Fresco Dining at The Falcon

When you dine at The Falcon in Buntingford, you’re in for an exceptional al fresco experience that perfectly marries classic British cuisine with the charm of historic surroundings.

The Ambiance and Outdoor Setting

As you step outside to the dining area, you’re greeted by the quintessential beauty of The Falcon’s outdoor setting.

The patio is a serene space where you can enjoy your meal amidst the calm of Buntingford’s picturesque scenery.

With the warm glow of string lights above and the gentle rustle of trees around, the ambiance is perfectly suited for both romantic dinners and relaxing meals with friends.

Menu Highlights and Specialties

The menu at The Falcon boasts an array of dishes that spotlight the expertise of chef Kieren Steinborn-Busse.

You might start with a succulent seared scallops entrĂ©e, followed by a main course of roast lamb rump that’s been locally sourced and cooked to perfection.

The intricate flavours and thoughtful presentation ensure that your dining experience is both delightful and memorable.

Seasonal Offerings and Local Produce

One of the hallmarks of The Falcon is its commitment to seasonal offerings and local produce.

You will find that the menu changes with the seasons, featuring the freshest ingredients available.

Whether it’s tender vegetables picked from nearby farms or fruits that reflect the essence of the season, your taste buds are guaranteed to be treated to the region’s best.

Plan Your Visit

When thinking of enjoying a meal at The Falcon restaurant, it’s essential you’ve got all the details for a smooth experience.

Booking Your Table

Securing a spot at The Falcon is straightforward.

Simply visit their online booking page and select a date and time that suits you.

It’s a good idea to book ahead, especially for special events and weekends, to avoid disappointment.

Opening Hours and Best Times to Visit

The Falcon has specific opening times, and choosing when to visit can enhance your dining experience. Here they are neatly presented for your convenience:

Day Opening Hours
Mon-Tue Closed
Wed-Sat 11:00 – 15:00, 18:00 – 23:00
Sun 12:00 – 16:00

Getting to The Falcon in Buntingford

The Falcon is nestled at 69 High Street Buntingford, SG9 9AE, easily reachable by car or public transport.

Parking is available in the town, and for those using a SatNav, entering the postcode will guide you directly to the restaurant.

If you’re arriving by bus, the nearest stops are a short walk away, ensuring your approach to The Falcon is as hassle-free as possible.