In the charming heart of England, nestled amidst the verdant countryside, lies Buntingford. This quaint town with an old-world charm, with its historical buildings and scenic surroundings, has much to offer to both its residents and visitors. Our guide to the attractions and places to see around Buntingford will help you make the most of your visit.

Historical Hotspots

Buntingford is an open book of history waiting to be explored. It boasts the oldest inhabited medieval hall house, Layston Court, a must-visit for history buffs. Close by is the Buntingford Manor House, an architectural marvel. Now you’re getting the idea, aren’t you? Historical marvels in every nook and corner!

Natural Nirvana

It’s not just history that makes this place fascinating. The lush green landscapes and unspoiled beauty of the River Rib make for a peaceful retreat. Not to mention the array of walking trails with enchanting views around the river. It’s like the countryside is casting a bewitching spell on you.

Artistic Avenues

How about immersing yourself in the local culture? Visit the Buntingford Community Centre which regularly hosts art exhibitions and craft fairs. A perfect place to let your creative spirit soar, wouldn’t you agree?

Culinary Corners

Skipping the local cuisine while in Buntingford would be a sheer miss. A visit to the Falcon Restaurant promises an unparalleled gastronomic journey. Picture this: enjoying a mouth-watering meal in a cosy, rustic setting – it’s practically a culinary dream, isn’t it?


So there you have it – a quick guide to the attractions and places to see around Buntingford. It’s a small town with a big heart, offering a unique blend of historic charm, natural beauty, artistic elegance, and culinary delights. So, what’s stopping you from exploring this hidden gem?


  1. What are the top places to visit around Buntingford? Top attractions include Layston Court, Buntingford Manor House, River Rib, and the Buntingford Community Centre.
  2. Are there walking trails near Buntingford? Yes, there are numerous walking trails near River Rib offering stunning views of the countryside.
  3. What is the local cuisine of Buntingford like? The local cuisine is hearty and delicious, with the Falcon Restaurant offering a fantastic gastronomic experience.
  4. What is unique about Buntingford? Buntingford is a unique blend of historical charm, natural beauty, and cultural richness.
  5. Are there any local art and craft exhibitions in Buntingford? Yes, the Buntingford Community Centre regularly hosts art exhibitions and craft fairs.